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C h o c o l a t e D r o p


New Escort Submission



You are about to join the hottest collection of black talent online!

If you think you have what it takes, fill out our online application. A representative will contact you.

Thank you for your interest in listing as an escort with the ChocolateDrop Entertainment.
  1. You must be attractive.....you should have no trouble getting phone numbers when you go out
  2. You should be someone we would LOVE to have as a photogallery or video model.
  3. Please use a phone number OR email address that you plan to keep working for the forseeable future (preferably both)
  4. A representative will verify that a working phone number or email address was submitted BEFORE that ad becomes active.
  5. Ads must have at least 1 attractive picture. Ads which have a spread of nude pictures will get more attention from the customers who browse.
  6. We can create a custom webpage to accompany your ad.
  7. Please Read the Disclaimer Page
  8. If accepted, ChocolateDrop will work to ensure that your ad is attractive and productive for you.
  9. ChocolateDrop will make the final decision whether your ad is appropriate for this site.
  10. YAHOO MESSENGER is the most reliable way to stay in contact with potential clients, even if your phone number changes. It is FREE and is one of the best ways to make your ad successful AND stay current if unforseen changes occur. We strongly recommend that if you do not have a Yahoo Messenger account, that you set one up before submitting your ad.
  11. NEWPage 3 of the ad builder allows you to attach a video to your ad. Several escorts with video interviews are among the most popular.
  12. You will receive an email containing a link to update your ad at any time you wish. Each time you update, your ad will move to the top to get the most attention and business.

Models should fill out the entire Escort Form form from the site. Incomplete applications will not get a reply. Models should send a most recent face and body PIC along with the completed model application. Applications without PICS will not get a reply. If you cannot upload a picture at the present time, you may complete your application later by sending your picture to Support